Jacqueline Walston

I was born in California’s central valley in the city Fresno at St Agnes’s Hospital. I attended Catholic schools all my life until I reached college age. I attended SJ City College for a year, got restless and applied for a position as a flight attendant for United Air Lines. The world opened up for this California gal as I left for training at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. At the completion of my training I got domiciled to a little town call Ypsilanti, Michigan. Great place to start because our flights served the east coast, southeast and central United States…places I’d never been. I so enjoyed learning that people in different states have their own culture. I was naïve to think everyone was like Californians. It was an education. Along with my naïveté, I didn’t handle my freedom very well. Life was a candy store and as you know sometimes you can eat too much and get sick. 

I returned to California and began working in Silicone valley until a man I met in Michigan came out to California for a visit. He very much wanted me to return to Michigan with him. To make a long story short I did go back and we were married and we had our two children, Kim and Eric. We ended up back on West Coast a few years later. 

It was during my marriage that I found myself asking questions like, “Who am I” & “Why am I here”? It would have been much easier & wiser for everyone if I’d asked those questions before I got married. It became “my passion” to want the answers. I can verify we don’t make good decisions if we don’t have a firm foundation beneath our feet. My dissatisfaction with life wasn’t evil but sadly it did become an “obstacle of restlessness” in my marriage which ended in divorce….alas, I was only thinking of myself…not a good thing for a wife and mother. 

I returned to school and attended San Jose State. I studied marketing and sociology/psychology. After graduation I spent some time working in the high tech industry. Stressful, was my experience. Later I went on to John F. Kennedy University and studied holistic health. Throughout this time I was investigating various religions and philosophies still searching for the meaning of life. I studied Hinduism in depth and took the Yoga teachers training and lived in an ashram. I began to teach meditation and Yoga postures wherever I could. Years later, I also got my certificate in Massage Therapy from Western College of Massage and started my own business called The Office of Myotherapy. I loved this work helping others relax and relieve their pain. When I moved to Oregon I studied with the National Academy of Sports Medicine resulting in a certificate in Personal Training. I worked at Women’s Fitness Company and did some personal fitness trainings on my own. 

I have two siblings. My older sister of 6 years named Patricia and my brother Al who is almost nine years my junior. Both my siblings still live in California. My sister is still Catholic and my bother is essentially a Buddhist. He and I were on that spiritual journey together, however, I went one way and he went the other. We still talk about our faiths and I pray for both my siblings everyday. 

I have two amazing children, Kimberly Jane in her forties and Eric Thomas also in his forties. Kim lives south of San Jose, in Morgan Hill, CA and Eric lives outside of Vancouver in Washington State in the small town of Battle Ground. Jeff and I live right in the middle here in Central Point, Oregon. Jeff and I have a blended family He has two wonderful daughters, Natalia and Tonya. Natalia, Jeff, Quinn and Cameron live in Eugene Oregon and Tonya, Jeff, Bella and Luke live in Greenbrae, California. All three of us women like the name Jeff, don’t you think? Going back to my story, my children watched as I passionately searched for answers and zigzagged through relationships. We, all three, were seeking in our own way. Here is the best part of the story. My son was living in Santa Cruz, surfing, working and going to school. My daughter was going to school, living on and off with me and looking for work. I interviewed with a chiropractor for a job and failed the interview. I was very new age and he knew it. He was a Christian. When I got home, I told Kim, she should interview for the job. She did and she got it. He began to witness to her and she was very interested. As you can imagine with our lives broken by divorce, we were searching for the answers. At Christmas time, she suggested we go to church and listen to all the great music. Well, God had a plan. We both listened to the music but also the message, clinging to every word. I saw that baby in the manger and knew for the first time Jesus was born to save me! Kim knew this as well. So mother and daughter went forward, received Christ and got baptized together one month later. What an answer to years of unrest for both of us!! Now we were on a mission to introduce my son to Christ. It took awhile, but God was working and the day came. Eric informed me he was going to a party in SF. I did not feel good about it and asked him not to go. He did go and got involved with the wrong crowd. Kim got a call from him in the wee hours. He wanted us to bring him home. Praise God we found him!! On the drive back home, he was sometimes in reality and sometimes out of it. When we arrived to their home, I asked Eric, “Can I fix you some food”? He answered, “No mom, please pray with me.” Lying on the sofa with his head in my lap, I led him through the new believer’s prayer and he received Christ. What a privilege! The kids are both married w/families seeking Christ each day. My husband, Jeff, was that man who drove Kim and me into the city that night to find Eric. Jeff and I were married in 1995 and will be celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary in a few days. GOD IS FAITHFUL. Between us, we have 9 grandchildren.