esther taylor

Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, first and foremost

Born in Iowa, raised on a hog farm (Yes, a city girl raised in the country)

Met and married a Georgia boy, Lon Taylor

Mother of three adult/married children: 

David (Portland, OR)

Mark (Oakland,CA) who has our only granddaughter - Hazel . . . cute . . . cute

Heather (Minneapolis, MN) who has our only grandson-Joseph

Graduated with Biology degree from Iowa Wesleyan where her grandfather was her advisor (renowned Dr. Poulter) and taught high school Biology in Georgia and Texas

One of her Biology students shared the 4 Spiritual Laws with her and she said “yes” to the gift of faith to believe in our Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior, GLORY!!!!

Led many Bible Studies in Texas and Iowa setting her heart on fire for Jesus Christ.

Head gardener in the Rose Garden at OSU Extension . . . love affair with roses began with her grandfather, Dr. Poulter. She has over 80 roses in her own yard…with a future goal of over 300.

After a scare with cancer, she studies natural nutrition adopting an 85% raw lifestyle that has given her boundless energy at an “ancient” age.

Vacation for Esther is a home/yard remodeling project . . . after the last project, she was ready for the next and all Lon could do was shake his head NOOOO

Other hobbies include jewelry making, weight-bearing exercises and learning Greek (who has time to grow old????)

Favorite color: Brown with a splash of deep pink

Favorite food: Carrot juice/green juice

Love . . . love . . . love people!